10 Best Accessories To Stock Up for Your Cell Phone Repair Shop

By: Liliana Andersson - February 07, 2022132 Views

Cell phone repair industry has been in constant requirement for a very long time now. There is always a requirement for phone servicing. As shown in a report, an individual breaks two smartphone screens every second, which costs $3.4 billion per year.

Even when the cell phone repair store is generating meaningful revenue, there is always a place for more. It is necessary to set your business apart in this industry where business owners are looking for a competitive edge. You can do that when you stock up the accessories that complement the repairs.

Why Is It Necessary To Stock Up Accessories?

Mobile phone supplies market is anticipated to hit $284.06 billion around 2026, from $224.69 billion. After you fix mobile screens, the customers would require tempered glass. Also, they can be engaged in back covers. Also, that will be the perfect time to cross-sell and upsell the accessories, therefore increasing the complete revenue.

$15 is the gross profit of a brand accessory. If we consider that you are selling 10 to 15 cell phone accessories every day, then the additional annual revenue will amount around $108,000 and $216,000. Keeping the revenue aside, stocking wholesale cell phone accessories would help increase the find loyal customers, repair store’s footfalls, and expand brand awareness.

Note: Make sure to look for wholesale mobile accessories to reduce your expenses and increase profits.

10 Best Accessories To Stock Up for Cell Phone Repair Shops

Tempered Glass

This one is heat-treated to withstand significant pressure, which makes it less likely to crack, therefore protecting customers’ phones.

No matter if it is an old one or a new one, everyone requires protection for the phone. So, this is where this tempered glass would come in. Furthermore, the ideal time to cell out one is after the repair. You should encourage your customers to get tempered glass to ensure the safety of their mobile devices from the drop after that.

Full Body Protection System

This full-body protection system can take tempered glass to a different level. Provide customized protective skin and tempered glass to provide to all those different requirements of every customer. Use full-body protection skin and cut screen protectors for all the devices on demand. Since you’ll do all the work (i.e., fitting and cutting the protection system), profit margin is also higher.


The chargers coming with mobile phones are not that good to last very long. Even when they do, the usual breakage will make those less effective. Stocking chargers will help you boost revenue and increase sales. As most of the phones have related charging points, you would not have to think about them getting outdated.

Bluetooth Devices

The Bluetooth devices sales are increasing. The wireless audio device market would be worth $134.2 billion by 2025, up from $57.3 billion in 2020. Features such as gesture recognition and hands-free calling are the critical drivers for Bluetooth gadgets. So, ensure that you stock Bluetooth devices as well, with speakers and Bluetooth headsets.

Wired Earphones

Bluetooth has been taking over this industry; still, it is far from extinction. Wired earphones will allow the customers to make calls or listen to music even when the phone does not have sufficient charge.

Moreover, they will cost less than the Bluetooth headsets. Therefore, the next moment a customer is complaining about price, you’ll know what to do. Stock top brand earphones, including HyperGear, MyBat, and Skullcandy, boost customers’ faith.

Mobile Holders

It will allow your customers to have the phones secure. People with plenty of work normally use phone holders to make sure that the mobile devices are safe on the desk. Also, the mobile holders are used on vehicles to provide easy navigation. They can prevent users from constantly falling and looking down.

Start stocking different types of mobile holders with wireless charging gravity car, car mount kits, and magnetic car mounts to get customers.

Power Banks

Power banks have become more important than ever. These are portable and compatible; these help people to use their mobiles while being charged. Now, people have more gadgets (smartwatches, bluetooth devices, phones, etc.). Power bank will provide a nice way to charge everything without sticking to the socket.

Furthermore, power banks have various charging ports, where customers can charge numerous gadgets all at one time. So, ensure that you stock power banks in bulk and motivate the customers to buy them.

Phone Cases

Phone Case accessories can help us to guard phones from scratches and sudden falls. A lot of phones come with glass, even at the backside, so using a case will make sense. Stock phone cases of different designs cater to the individual requirements of customers and increase the sales. Even, you can allow customers to customize phone cases.

Airpods and Airpod Case

Here, customers do not have options but to use Bluetooth headphones. This is where AirPods come into the picture. Airpods have voice-activated Siri, high-quality sound, and upgraded battery life. Furthermore, they are from Apple. Hence, you would not have to worry about the quality. And stock Airpod cases to improve the normal order value. They are available in different designs.


Smartwatches have become an everyday gadget. Global smartwatch market is required to register a CAGR of 19.6% by 2027. The features such as checking caller ID, accepting calls, internet connection, messaging, fitness monitoring capabilities, and GPS drive the sales. Stock smartwatches attract gadget-freak customers and increase the profit margins by buying them at bulk prices.

Wrap Up

Wholesale cell phone accessories are a perfect way to give a boost to the profit margins. Still, not every accessory drives sufficient sales. Therefore, select what you need to stock carefully.

Liliana Andersson

Liliana Andersson is the founder and CEO of RecycleTroop, a one stop supply chain solution for mobile repair businesses in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our services include the recycling of broken broken screens, spare parts, sale of used phones and accessories. Recycletroop is proud to serve clients globally. Liliana enjoys providing her customers with a much-needed service for cell phone related problems. Apart from that, she enjoys traveling, surfing and spending time with family.