Best Cell Phone Repair Accessories

By: Liliana Andersson - February 07, 202296 Views

Operating a cell phone repair shop is no easy feat.

New smartphones and gadgets get launched every day with new functionalities and features that require you to understand them to repair them efficiently.

We have been in the cell phone accessories and repair industries for almost a decade now, and we can positively say that you would never need a lot of accessories.

Also, there are hundreds of accessories for each phone that are launched in the market.

Still, you might not know that smartphones don’t need all the accessories but just a handful of them. So, with the right cell phone accessories, you can up-sell and cross-sell it after repairing the phone to increase your sales.

We have listed down the six best cell phone repair accessories that will help you boost customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Mini Quick Shop – Insured Gadgets

Insured Gadgets is the best one that offers screen protection to smartphones within the US and Canada. Their screen protectors consist of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), strengthening and hardening your phone screen without adding bulky tempered glass.

You can cross-sell their protection to increase your average order value after repairing the mobile screen. Also, it offers up to $300 as screen repair credit for damage to the LCD or front glass. Since the customer has spent their money getting their phone repaired, they’re more likely to buy it.

Mini Quick Shop – GRIP

It is one of the best and most popular cell phone accessories companies in the market. It offers tempered glasses to protect the mobile’s screen. Plus, it consists of an oleophobic coated, strong tempered glass protector to protect the screen from breaking with an anti-fingerprint layer.

Overall, it’s a good idea to upsell the screen protection after repairing or replacing the LCD.

For people who don’t want screen insurance, Grip tempered glass is a perfect option.

Three in One Micro USB Cable – Anker

A three-in-one micro USB cable from Anker is perfect for everyone. It allows you to charge devices with charging ports like USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors. Its powerful reinforcement keeps internal wiring protected from degradation.

It is ideal for people who have different types of smartphones. Also, mobile repair shopkeepers can use it to charge mobile phones that come for repair to your store.

Moreover, its MFi certification from Apple indicates charging devices using it is entirely safe.

MFi Lightning Cable About 6.ft – MyBat Pro

MyBat Pro’s MFi certified lightning cable is designed to charge iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

The cables go through joints & line body reinforcement, tensile, high-strength bending, and other tests. Long charging cables make it convenient to charge the phone anywhere. Its internal structure includes copper wire, aluminum wire, primary insulating, jacket insulating, tin foil packaging, and the fabric is a woven shell. Plus, its nylon braided material is flexible and durable. It is worth the money.

5W USB Power Adapter – OEM Pull

This power adapter is made especially for iPhone. This 5W USB power adapter is an excellent alternative to the original Apple adapter. It saves your money and also provides similar performance to that of the original one. It usually solves two issues: the iPhone isn’t charging or taking a long time than required.

96W Power Adapter for MacBook – OEM Pull

This power adapter is a perfect alternative to the original MacBook adapter and at half the price. As these adapters go through a series of stringent tests, so there’s no match the quality.

It usually solves two issues: either the MacBook isn’t charging or taking a long time. Great, right?

You can be guaranteed the quality of the product. And as it comes with a 180-days warranty and invests in it without any worries.

How Can Damaged Gadgets Help You With Cell Phone Repair Accessories?

Damaged Gadgets is the best wholesale mobile accessories supplier in the United States.

All of our products are from the best and trusted manufacturers. After sourcing the products, we test them thoroughly to ensure all our customers get the best value and quality for their money. Plus, we offer a limited-time warranty on most of the items we sell.

Our 24/7 customer support and same-day shipping policy make us better than other phone repair accessories suppliers in the country.

So, whether you need screen protectors, power adapters, or insurance, we have everything for you.

Wrap Up

The right cell phone repair accessories can help increase the average order value and enhance overall customer satisfaction. We are one of the best phone accessories suppliers in the US and can help you with the highest-quality cell phone accessories and repairs at the best prices.

Liliana Andersson

Liliana Andersson is the founder and CEO of RecycleTroop, a one stop supply chain solution for mobile repair businesses in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our services include the recycling of broken broken screens, spare parts, sale of used phones and accessories. Recycletroop is proud to serve clients globally. Liliana enjoys providing her customers with a much-needed service for cell phone related problems. Apart from that, she enjoys traveling, surfing and spending time with family.