Everything you must know about smartphone repair toolkit

By: Liliana Andersson - February 08, 202268 Views

Smartphones have become almost indispensable to us. Most of our daily activities rely on them. However, using them extensively brings along its costs. They may drop or get in contact with liquids. 

The latest models have all in-built batteries. So, the repairing process is hard. On the bright side, several effective cell phone toolkits are available. And even a newbie can achieve a phone fixing task. 

Further, you need not run to a repair center. A damaged battery or broken screen can easily be made fine at home. With the right set of tools, phone repair takes a couple of minutes. That said, it’s important to have the essential tools in your box. And the article below guides you on what’s required to mend your phone. 

How to Choose a Smart Cell Phone Repair Tool Kit?

Nobody knows your smartphone repair business better than you. So, while it’s vital to have all the tools in there, their quality matters. Among the wide range sold in the market, only one toolbox fits your needs. Pick the right piece. 

As mentioned earlier, you can fix a broken smartphone at home. So, if you are just a user, you still need to select the best repair toolkit. In this case, however, take a simple one for battery replacements and minor screen issues. 

A technician needs a complete workstation with all possible tools. This phone repair business is vast. And so, it demands all specialized equipment. Given below are some must-have tools for mending smartphones. Take a look. 

Top 7 tools for a Smartphone repair toolkit

Guitar Picks

For prying up displays, suction cups can be a great tool. Yet, for a firmly glued one, guitar picks help. You can create spaces safely using these picks. One may also use guitar picks as spudgers. 

Suppose you have opened half of the top screen panel. However, you fear opening the second part as the first may fall back. The good part is that when guitar picks are inserted in the opened section, they keep it from bouncing back. 

Heat gun

It’s known that OEMs use strong adhesives to seal smartphones. And nobody wants their phone’s internal components to catch water. Yet, while repairing the device, it needs prying up. And heat guns exactly are what you need. 

Generally, a hairdryer or heat gun is used to soften the glue. But, many people prefer the latter. It is a must-have in your kit to separate the display without breaking the device. 

Suction pliers

This tool is great for iPhone users and others who need to pry up their phone’s display to look inside. Suction pliers make things easier. You can pick a toolkit with a suction plier. Alternatively, look for small suction cups. Both are equally useful to pry up devices. 

How to use suction tools?

Keep one side of the suction cup over the screen. Then, place the other behind the phone. As you squeeze the pliers, the display gets apart from the device. Suctions pliers are worth an investment when you require to change a battery or replace a cracked screen. 

Screwdriver kit

Using a specialized screwdriver, you can dismantle your cell phone with the utmost ease. For instance, the pentalobe screws in an iPhone require one to open the device. However, sometimes, one screwdriver isn’t enough. You need a wide range for unscrewing different gadgets. 

Mini Pry Tool

If you choose to repair a smartphone, a Mini Pry Bar is an essential tool. It is because a regular screwdriver may cause harm to your device while unscrewing it. 

A mini pry bar, on the other hand, is specially designed to dismantle phones. So, it’s wiser to use the latter. A standard pry tool is 9mm on one side and 6 mm on the other. It goes well with several gadgets. 

Knife Kit

Tasks like scraping, cutting, and cleaning ask for a sharp object. Knives suit the purpose. But, they also assist with mobile repairs. In a knife kit, you’ll find blades of many sharpness and shapes designed for kinds of devices. 


Since all the cell phone components are lightweight (to keep the phone weightless), you require tweezers. These pick up the tiniest parts that are otherwise too hard to manage while the mobile repair. 

Smart tool kits always offer tweezers, for they know your smartphones need them. So, without straining your eyes or fingers, you can deal with smaller components and fix your phone. 


Choosing a tool kit based on your requirements is a good idea. You may check out our Cell phone repair (tool kit) section for the best model. Whatever your brand be, it’ll be easier to select the finest quality affordable cell phone repair parts here. Plus, you may approach our customer care 24/7 for convenient purchases. 

Liliana Andersson

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