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By: Liliana Andersson - February 08, 202273 Views

The video game business is flourishing along with the game console market. The worldwide gaming market was at $ 151.55 billion in the year 2019. Besides, market analysts predict the industry growth to a whopping $ 256.97 billion by the end of 2025.

Research also shows that 49% of gamers, including 92% of teenagers, prefer the console. But, what is a game console? What are the various types of consoles? Where to buy new consoles? We will clear all your queries about the game console; so, let’s get started.

What is a Game Console?

A game console is an electronic device intended for interactive computer games. The console has a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), CPU (Central Processing Unit), and RAM (Random Access Memory).

A display device such as an LCD screen or a LED monitor links all these units. As compared to a high-end gaming PC, a game console is cheaper and easy to use. It eliminates the need for regular updates.

Repair and Replacement of Game Console

All game consoles need repair and replacement. So, there is a requirement to buy these repair and replacement parts. Any store selling only game console is not worth. Moreover, you will not be replacing the gadget for minor repairs or replacements.

We are one of the leading game console parts suppliers in the US. We provide wholesale console parts with a lifetime warranty on our products. You can also open a video game repair shop with our unlimited guarantee on our products.

What are the Best Game Console Parts?

Well aware of the importance of repair and replacement parts, here are a few essential parts. These parts are fast-moving items that are replaceable. All these parts are available at our site.

  • Internal cooling fan for PS-4 console
  • USB-C dock port flex for Nintendo switch
  • OEM Blue-ray fuse for PS-4
  • Internal cooling fan for Microsoft X-Box one S
  • HDMI video output IC chip for PS-4
  • BGA power IC chip for PS-4 console
  • Charging IC chip for Nintendo switch
  • Southbridge IC chip for PS-4 Slim
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module for PS-4 Slim and Pro
  • OEM-ESD filter/diode array for Microsoft X-box One S and Nintendo switch
  • OEM/RAM power IC for Microsoft Xbox One X
  • LCD FPC connector for Nintendo switch

What are Game Console Quick Shops?

A game console shop allows you to buy common replacement parts. All these products are available in the game console quick shops.

  • HDMI ports
  • Digitizers/LCDs
  • Power supply
  • Disc drives
  • Batteries
  • Cooling fans
  • Board components
  • USB socket board

Types of Game Console

There are three game consoles – Home consoles, handheld gaming consoles, and hybrid gaming consoles. Let’s take a look at each one.

1. Home Consoles

A home console is generally placed in a permanent location. A television or any other display device like an LED monitor connects the device. Also, a separate game controller controls it.

2.Handheld Gaming Consoles

Handheld consoles are devices having a built-in screen along with a game controller. It usually has a rechargeable battery, allowing you to play anywhere. Some of its examples include Sony PS portable and Nintendo 3DS.

3.Hybrid Gaming Consoles

Hybrid gaming consoles can be used as hybrid consoles or as home consoles. The best example of a hybrid gaming console is a Nintendo switch.

Best Game Console to Buy

Deciding on the best game console can be tough. Here are the top three game consoles to consider.

1.Sony Play Station

Sony PS is the most popular game console of all time. It has a market share of above 65.8% and gives you access to the latest games with SSD storage for fast performance. In the league, Sony PS 5 is the most popular version.

2.Microsoft X-Box

The second most popular game console is Microsoft X-Box. With over 34.18% market share, X-Box offers high graphics processing power with a massive gamer community. Series X is the most popular version of Microsoft X-Box.

3. Nintendo

Nintendo has a meager market share of over 0.02%, yet it is worth buying. Nintendo Switch is the only complete hybrid gaming console.

Final Word

The game console has been in demand for a considerable time now, and the trends are showing an upsurge in coming years. Selling a game console can be a good idea to boost your profits and stand out in the competing market. In addition, you can stock game console repair components from injured gadgets to woo more customers.

As the leading game console part suppliers, we provide the best repair components at the most competitive rates. In addition, our products have a lifetime guarantee on all our products.

For more information, you can get in touch with us.

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