How To Boost Your Phone Repair Business?

By: Liliana Andersson - February 08, 202279 Views

Are you finding it difficult to get new customers through an online presence? Don’t know how to improve your cell phone repair business’s online profile? Or are you not able to compete online?

Stop worrying about it. After reading further, you might grow your online presence and develop business day by day. 

According to statistics, 59% of the entire planet uses the internet. This implies that having a digital presence will do nothing but help you in broadening your consumer base and boost sales. 

This industry makes approximately $4 billion every year in the US alone, which means there are enough possibilities if you advertise your business properly. 

9 Effective Methods To Make An Online Presence For Your Mobile Phone Repair Business

Nine effective ways for growing and improving your online presence for your mobile repair business. The best part is, it doesn’t take a lot and is very simple for you to perform. 

Make an attractive website 

The primary step for improving your online presence is to make a unique website. It makes sure that your future customers can book an appointment and know about your service. 

You can utilize your website to show your work and promote your work and grow your business. But, ensure that your website is attractive enough so people book an appointment on their own. 

To improve your online presence through your website, ensure to advertise it everywhere, including your invoices and business cards. 

Revamp your website for search engines

The next step is to revamp your website for search engines so that your future customers can locate you with ease. 

Start with keyword research

Search the words which your customers might search for before looking for your business in the search engine. It would consist of these phrases:

  1. Fixing services
  2. Mobile fixing  
  3. Brand + fixing 
  4. Brand + fixing business 

Concentrate on On-page SEO

On-page SEO means revamping your website’s several elements to boost top opportunities. Ensure that your website:

  1. Loads quickly
  2. It is easy to figure out
  3. Has revamped URL
  4. Alt-text in each picture
  5. Has all the important contact details, like phone number, address, and Email
  6. Is mobile-friendly

Meta description and title tags 

It would be best if you write different and unique titles and meta descriptions for your web pages. Make sure you include your main keywords and do not go beyond your perfect character limit (155-160 for meta descriptions and 50-60 for titles)

Search engines receive a signal from backlinks that your website is credible and can be trusted. If you receive maximum backlinks, you will get a higher rank on the search engines. But, ensure that those links are from top-quality websites.

  1. Content advertising 

Content advertising is all about publishing, making, and promoting content all over various channels. As the owner of a cell fixing company, you will be able to create content on topics such as enhancing your smartphone’s life or methods of improving the battery life, etc. 

You can also consider the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule is that content’s 80% should be informative, and along with that, 20% should be for promotion. 

These are a few ways to find the best topics for your content    

  1. Google auto-suggest 
  2. Look at all the suggested topics 
  3. Search on google and type your main keyword 
  4. You can also check out the “people also ask” section 
  5. Start getting a little active on the social media 

3.78 billion people on this planet use social media; it can be proved as a game-changer in your cell repairing business. 

You can set up a business account on famous social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can post any latest updates concerning your business like offers, new products, new services, etc. make sure your followers are updated about your latest updates in your business because this might result in new followers. Also, it would be best if you shared blogs to boost trust and construct a credibility. 

2.Develop relationships, not only followers 

Managing a social media account with minimal but engaging followers is a lot better than managing a social media account with many but non-engaging followers who do nothing but like your post and let it go down in their feed. 

This is one of the reasons why it is important to develop a relationship with your followers. For doing so, you can reply to their DMs, go live and talk to them about their queries and know their interests or respond to the comments on your posts and stories. 

You can also encourage your other followers to give you a shoutout on their social media account. This way, you will be able to widen your sphere of engaging followers. 

3.Make an Email list

You can build an email list for marketing your content. All you have to do is add a subscribe option on your blog. You can ask for Emails from your customers and potential customers. 

Here are few methods to make an email list for your mobile phone fixing startup:

  • Permit the customers to create an account on your website 
  • Make opt-in notifications that prioritize the latest customers for their Email addresses
  • Advertise Email as your main communication channel for the consumer’s service 
  • Provide the customers with gated content, for which they have to give their email addresses for viewing the content. 

4.Create your emails as per your wish 

After making an email list, you can start promoting your services and talking to your subscribers. Ensure to make the email list based on the interests and browsing history. You can utilize each and every piece of your customer’s data. 

For example, You can make two lists: one for the iPhone and the other one for the android users. For the android, divide it further based on brand. 

After this, you will send Samsung users the latest updates regarding the specific brand via Email. 

5.Offer them exclusive discounts/offers.

According to a survey, 65% of people prevent or postpone their phones because they are way too expensive. They offer them exclusive discounts/offers, which will help those people while improving your online visibility for your business. 

Such offers/discounts can be a free accessory (a phone cover or a key chain, etc.) or an elongated warranty. Ensure that you promote such offers/discounts on your social media, drawing the attention and new customers. 

6.Provide your services more than mobile phone repairing 

To become a little different and unique amongst all your competitors, you have to [provide more than just mobile phone fixing services. This will assist you in developing extra revenues but will also offer more content for promoting your business. 

For example, you might also want to trade parts and screws to other businesses, accessories, warranty and insurance packs, buyback programs, and home products. 

This will also permit you to make a goal for more keywords, which will result in a boost of chances of ranking on the top of search engines for several keywords. It’ll also assist in boosting brand awareness, developing higher value and loyalty. 


Many people use the internet for various reasons, be it entertainment or promotion of their business. Building an online platform can assist you in many things like reaching your future customer, boosting revenue, and developing brand awareness. Try these strategies and increase your mobile phone fixing business’ online presence

Liliana Andersson

Liliana Andersson is the founder and CEO of RecycleTroop, a one stop supply chain solution for mobile repair businesses in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our services include the recycling of broken broken screens, spare parts, sale of used phones and accessories. Recycletroop is proud to serve clients globally. Liliana enjoys providing her customers with a much-needed service for cell phone related problems. Apart from that, she enjoys traveling, surfing and spending time with family.