How to Fix Your Cell Phone Battery?

By: Liliana Andersson - February 08, 202277 Views

We have all faced cell phone battery problems some time or the other. We face these issues commonly when the cell phone has been overused or not carefully handled. At times we face battery issues with new cell phones too. Low battery time is a major concern for all. The traditional smartphone models came with a convenient way to replace the batteries. It was a simple task to purchase a new battery from the market and replace it with the older one. The new age smartphones come with a non-removable battery, making it a strenuous job to fix it. But you don’t need to worry about the issue. We shall discuss some simple steps that you can follow to fix the cell phone battery at home that too in a cost-effective way. So let’s get started with a step by step guide to do the needful:

1. Disassemble the Phone

The first step while we start fixing the cell phone battery is to disassemble the phone. This step is required when the phone does not have a removable back. The disassembly of the phone is necessary to gain access to the phone battery. Let us see the steps involved in disassembling the phone:

The modern age cell phones have pentalobe screws attached to the metal body. You first need to remove these screws. The phone cover is glued together using an adhesive that holds the display together. You may heat the bottommost edge of the cell phone to tone down the adhesive. Next, you will need a suction handle to create a gap to pull apart the front and rear panels. It would help if you were careful while using the suction handle. Make sure that it does not hit the curved glass portion of the phone. Now is the time to slice the adhesive that holds the display together. It is easily done with the help of an opening pick that can be inserted first from the bottom left corner and then from the bottom right corner.

Once the adhesive is toned down from the bottom, you need to insert the opening pick to the top right side of the display. After gently doing this step, you now need to unfasten the suction cup placed in the front panel. You can now open the phone by detaching the display screen from one side. You need to be careful while doing so as the phone’s logic board consists of various delicate cables. Now is the time to detach the screws from the battery connector cover, followed by the bracket. The next step will involve the disconnection of the battery from the phone’s logic board.

Once you have disconnected the battery, you need to disconnect the front sensors and display from the phone battery. It will be followed by the removal of the display assembly unit, taptic engine, and speaker. You will find some adhesive strips on the edges of the battery. Carefully peel off these adhesive strips and then remove the battery gently.

Point to remember:

  • It is advisable if the battery is charged less than 25% before you start the process of disassembling. It will help avoid any battery explosions or fire.
  • Tools Required: Battery blocker to disconnect the battery, Head pad, Grip- tool kit consisting of pentalobe screwdrivers, screen dissembler, etc., a soldering kit, a device stand for smooth functioning, suction handle, and an opening pick.

2. Change the Battery

The next step after you removed the battery is to replace or change it with a new one. You must purchase a branded cell phone battery that is best suited for your cell phone model. You must buy the battery from a genuine supplier. It would help if you did not opt for second-hand or used cell phone batteries as they do not come with any warranties. You can also try and revive the old battery so that the ability to hold a charge improves.

3. Revive the Battery

The ability to hold a charge generally reduces if the cell phone is not charged for a long time. The battery can be easily revived by following the underwritten steps.

Tools required: To revive the cell phone battery, you will need:

  • 9-volt battery
  • Electric tape
  • A thin electrical wire of two different colors.

Steps to restore the battery:

To revive the discharged battery, you need to connect the terminals to the battery to the electrical wires. You must take care while connecting the negative and positive terminals with the correct set of wires. Once the cables are connected, you need to join the positive terminal of the cell phone to the positive terminal of the battery. The same needs to be done with the negative terminal of the cell phone battery. You must do it carefully to avoid any short circuit in the battery. The connection can be secured using electric tape. The battery is ready to be inserted into the cell phone after around a minute of connecting it with the 9-volt battery.

4. Assemble the Phone

You have reached the last leg of battery replacement. It is time to assemble the phone. The step of assembling starts with putting back all the connections that were disconnected while disassembling the phone. All the cables and screws must be connected properly. The appropriate links will ensure the flawless performance of the phone. Any misconnection can cause serious damage to the cell phone.

The Bottom Line

Cell phone battery replacement may seem to be a cumbersome task, but it is not that difficult. You can follow the simple steps mentioned above to replace or revive the cell phone battery. However, suppose you are not confident of assembling and disassembling the device. In that case, it is always recommended to take the cell phone to a service provider and get the battery replaced because seeking professional help is always a good option.   

Liliana Andersson

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