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Cellphones are practically everywhere, with a majority of the total population owning a cellphone of some sort. And, it only sits right as, unlike just a few decades ago, cellphones are neither a luxury nor unobtainable, but rather a necessity for most.

Considering the same, so long as there are cellphones, there will be a need for repair parts given the wear and tear any device witnesses with heavy usage or just carelessness at times. Cell phones are no different, with statistics showing that even at this moment, every one in three Americans has a crack in their phone’s screen.   

Since getting cellphones repaired instead of replaced is a much pocket-friendly, efficient, and trouble-free way to go, there is a constant demand for repair parts. And, it is precisely where Recycletroop  come in with their reliable, cost-effective, and quality wholesale supply of repair parts, besides other cell phone tools and accessories. Let us learn more –

Recycletroop : A one-stop solution

Recycletroop  has established itself as one of the leading wholesale distributors of cell phone, game console, tablet, and MacBook repair parts in the USA, after years of quality and reliable service. However, that’s not all.

Their wide selection of tools also includes everything from cell phone accessories and tools to pre-owned devices and even smart home products to meet every market demand in one place.

The high-quality replacement parts at Recycletroop  provide repair solutions for both skilled professional technicians working at a cell phone repair shop and the intellectual DIYers ready to make it work at home.

What’s more, at Recycletroop , not only are all the products available at an affordable price but are also accompanied with a limited lifetime warranty for utmost customer satisfaction.

Proactive customer support is available 24*7 to solve any and every customer query and provide assistance via email, phone, and even live chat.

What makes Recycletroop  different?

The chances of a cell phone repair shop dealing with a variety of phone brands and models are rather high, unlike what is expected from an authorized service center. The same brings the dire need to have access to whatever the customer may require.

However, buying different parts individually from the different sellers is neither efficient nor cost-effective when looking at the bigger picture and overall profit margins. And, while most suppliers in the market can provide you with cell phone repair parts of big brands like Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Apple, etc., in one place, what about the other brands?

Well, guess what? You can find repair parts of every phone and model at Recycletroop  you can think of and that too of highest-quality at a reasonable cost.  

In case the above mentioned is not enough to convince you of the reliability and quality, below are some other key points that have helped Recycletroop  bag the title of top supplier in the U.S –

Choose to have your order shipped the same day before 7:30 pm, making everything quick and efficient.

All the products that the company offers are valued at the market price, so even if the part that you need is expensive, you still get the highest-quality ones at competitive prices.

Thousands and thousands of products to browse and choose from, making Recycletroop  the one-stop solution to all your cell phone requirements and more.

There is nothing more important than transparency. In view of the same, the company ensures communicating with the client any policy or pricing changes for a seamless customer experience without any last-minute confusion.  

Recycletroop  assign a dedicated manager to customers soon after their first purchase. The manager not only handles your account but assists throughout with all your needs.

Don’t worry about overdoing budget as at Recycletroop  you can choose the same product at different qualities and prices.

The quality control and the after-sale teams both work in unison to deliver to clients their ordered goods in the highest quality while prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Do Recycletroop  supply other tools and repair parts as well?

Yes. Recycletroop  fully understand the broad market view of many technicians and the need to diversify services to offer variety to customers. It is precisely why, from game consoles to board components and smart home products, one may rest assured to find anything and everything at Recycletroop .

While the services outside of just cell phone repair will undoubtedly gain you new customers and help fight competetion in the market, there’s more to buying from the company than a one-stop solution.

You may as well benefit by selling further to your customers the limited lifetime warranty Recycletroop  provide at each of their products. It will allow you to build confidence and strong relations with your customers while boosting both market authority and word-of-mouth marketing.

Are there any offers on ordering in bulk?

Yes, Recycletroop  do serve custom offers whenever someone purchases in wholesale or bulk. However, the offers are subject to variation depending on factors like order quantity, product purchased, etc.

Get in touch with customer support at Recycletroop  or contact your assigned account manager to get details on your special order offer.  

What is the return policy for Recycletroop ?

While Recycletroop  make sure to meet customer expectations with the highest quality products, sometimes things just do not fit well.  

Therefore, returning products becomes an inevitable part of the business, and Recycletroop  knowing the same provides its customers with a comprehensive return policy. Let us have a look –

One may exchange the product for another at no additional charges.

In case the product delivered is defective, the person is refunded at the purchase price or at the product’s current sale price. There is, however, a mandatory 10% deduction of the processing fee.  

For any product return for reasons other than a defect, such as no longer a need or an accidental purchase, the person is required to ship it back at their expense. Again, these items are subject to a mandatory 10% restocking fee.

The company provides one free return label for each $500 spent in the prior month, which goes up to 4 labels/month.

Products that the company no longer sells are not eligible for a refund in case one purchased them more than 45 days ago.  


It is certainly hard to compete with Recycletroop  when it comes to product quality and reliability, not to mention the limited lifetime warranty that accompanies your every purchase.

Browse through thousands, pick the best as per your budget and needs, click, click, and it is delivered right to your doorstep with after-sale customer support thereafter. Happy Scrolling!  

Liliana Andersson

Liliana Andersson is the founder and CEO of RecycleTroop, a one stop supply chain solution for mobile repair businesses in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our services include the recycling of broken broken screens, spare parts, sale of used phones and accessories. Recycletroop is proud to serve clients globally. Liliana enjoys providing her customers with a much-needed service for cell phone related problems. Apart from that, she enjoys traveling, surfing and spending time with family.