The perks of using a tampered glass

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Smartphones have increased the speed of life. We may opt to stay without food for a day, but our lives come to a standstill without smartphones. We are so engrossed in this technological device that our work and personal life have found a medium to engage and interact. Given the current situation, when every small business is venturing into the digital world, being online and working is a common scenario. Most people find it feasible to save data and information on this device which they can easily browse through when required.

Can smartphones be considered devices containing sensitive data?

Perhaps, if you store files, sheets, and documents, then yes, it is. Just like the way you maintain a password for your locker, you probably are securing your smartphone from unknown users with a password. But that’s the internal protection. Have you thought about external security?

Securing your phone screen is a crucial step that you ought to take while you purchase the smartphone. Most users wait for their screen to witness damage for them to protect it with a screen guard or a tampered glass, an industry quite in vogue recently.

This article will enlighten you with details of the tampered glass industry because this is a highly demanding industry for you to set your foot on.

Tampered glass – a powerful tool

Let’s get to basics! A tampered glass is a normal glass material. However, it has undergone rigorous processes such as heating and cooling to make its unit components rigid and tough to protect your screen. Its features that lead to protection include layers of oleophobic Nano-coating, anti-shatter film, and a porous silicon coating. With layers of protective covers, the glass possesses the properties of resistance to scratches and cracks, securing the overall screen from damage. This property is highly efficient because the rigorous processes do not hamper the touch and accessibility of the screen, making it a very hardcore tool beneficial to the masses.

Tampered glass- growing markets

In 2016, the growing market for tampered screen guards was calculated to be over $46 billion, and this digit is said to hype up to over $65 billion by 2023. In 2018, it was forecasted at a whooping price of $21,196 million and was estimated to reinforce a CAGR of around 9% within a term of six years, from 2019 to 2025.

With an ever-evolving world of smartphones, it is highly evident that the need for tempered glass will also be of utmost importance. With an exponential demand, the markets for these tools are expected to be in a growing phase. Provided there comes a technology that incorporates screen safety, inbuilt into the device. However, to date, no smartphones have an added inbuilt screen protection. These drawbacks open doors to the tampered glass markets to flourish and create a niche for themselves.

Tampered glasses and their types

– 3D coated glass

The 3D coated tampered glass offers round edges, protecting the curved circumference of the screen. Being feasible and compatible for 3D touch functionality, it incorporates 9H hardness and offers stronger features and strength than normal toughened glasses.

– Blue-light protective glass

Blue light includes a spectrum of light that causes strain to the user’s eyes. In recent years, screen time has increased, which has negatively impacted most users’ vision. This anti-blue-light technology is designed to absorb the incoming blue wavelengths to decrease the overall screen light without affecting the visibility and transparency of the screen.

– Matte-finish glass

Asahi and Khang Ninh Gorilla glass are high-quality glasses that offer 100% authentic transparency and clarity. Their core features include anti-glare and anti-touch mark effects that prevent screen glares in the sun.

– Mirror tempered glass

As the name suggests, this glass has mirror features that convert into a vanity mirror when your phone screen is locked. Called a beauty glass, it offers you a screen to check out yourself.

– Customized glass

Custom-made tempered glasses incorporate features of your choice. They are quite in demand because they make it possible to set a deal on new releases, simplify inventory and clear up shelf space.

Frequently asked questions!

How much does a tampered glass cost?

The cost of a tampered glass depends on four important factors:

The size and dimensions of the screen,

The type of tampered glass used,

The Quality of the tampered glass,

The thickness of the toughened glass.

However, on average, a good quality tempered glass can be priced above $5 per foot. This pricing is subjected to changes governed by the factors mentioned above.

Can you make your DIY tampered glass?

The overall process of designing and making tampered glass requires high equipment because it includes robust heating and cooling processes. However, one can purchase a tampered glass and do the cutting at home, provided you own a protectionPro device that cuts and shapes the glass according to the device screen.

Which brand offers the best-tampered glass?

Brands such as Grip, 9H, and Nuglas have overtaken the markets due to their high-quality manufacturing. These brands have emerged in the top position because the protective glasses they provide are affordable, customer satisfied, and do not affect the visibility and transparency of the screen.

What is a ProtectionPro, and how beneficial is it?

ProtectionPro is a device that makes cutting of tampered glass easy for fixing phone, laptop screens. This device requires skills that can be efficiently learned via videos or manuals given during purchase. Because it reduces the waste and errors caused when carving screen protection, these devices are widely used by smartphone owners to cut the tampered glass according to the preference of the user’s screen. Every mobile shop will include the three sizes of the ProtectionPro device:

Lite- ideal for small screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Express- can be used to carve tampered glass for laptop, tablet, camera, and e-reader screens.

Elite- this is the largest cutting device that can be used for laptops and wearables having a larger screen.

What is the EZ install kit?

The EZ install kit is a complementary product to ProtectionPro that makes the process of cutting and installing easy with a Matt, microfiber cloth, and a 4″ squeegee.

The bottom line!

The importance of tampered glass is very evident to the masses. In such a scenario, one can plan to venture into this industry to make a successful career. Remember, the sales of smartphones are always high, and since this industry is dependent on smartphones, there is a direct correlation between the sales. Several technologies have been devised to aid small businesses in taking advantage of this growing industry. One such is the ProtectionPro device that allows owners to cut and refine tampered glass according to the preference of their customers.

Liliana Andersson

Liliana Andersson is the founder and CEO of RecycleTroop, a one stop supply chain solution for mobile repair businesses in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our services include the recycling of broken broken screens, spare parts, sale of used phones and accessories. Recycletroop is proud to serve clients globally. Liliana enjoys providing her customers with a much-needed service for cell phone related problems. Apart from that, she enjoys traveling, surfing and spending time with family.