Most Common Replacement Parts For iPhone Recommended By Recycle Troop

By: Liliana Andersson - July 05, 2022297 Views

iPhone, you need to remind how the iPhone and its later series became a hit due to their breakthrough technical improvements. 

Aside from its A14 bionic chip, 4K video capturing capability, and unbreakable security improvements, the device’s spectacular beauty, and performance are unrivaled. However, it does not mean that your newest or older iPhones are free from repair & replacement needs.

However, while the iPhone 12 has the greatest possible waterproof grade of IP68, making a smartphone breakage resistant is not entirely feasible. In addition, nearly every iPhone should be water and break-proof. 

Though it is difficult to save the back-glass, it receives a significant shock if you drop your iPhone. Aside from the back-glass, the screen, lens, speaker, & battery modules are all susceptible to failure. Look at the most common replacements an iPhone could require throughout its life.

The Most Common iPhone Parts

Replacement Screens

The screen replacement option looks enticing if you’ve broken your iPhone screen. However, even authentic Apple store screen replacements might trigger sensor faults in the latest iPhone models. 

Some difficulties you may face are inactive ambient light sensors and screen brightness adjustment issues. Also, in some Screen replacement instances, the “True Tone” function under the “Display & Brightness” option could be missing.

Replacement Charge Ports

Charging port issues are not only occurring in iPhones. However, if you’re experiencing problems with the cell phone replacement parts like charging ports: your iPhone doesn’t charge continuously. 

There is a chance that the charging ports will damage Even after joining into the charger. You can’t possibly keep the charger off your suspect list.

Try another charger if the iPhone cannot charge owing to an incorrect adaptor or charging port. Contact an iPhone expert if your iPhone’s charging port is bothering you. Only a skilled technician can identify and repair charging port problems.

Replacement Batteries

Nowadays, most smartphone companies have eliminated the possibility of removable batteries. On the other hand, Apple has increased battery capacity in the current iPhone 12 series. 

However, the battery will inevitably fail over time, and it entirely depends on how long you can use the iPhone with the built-in battery. In addition to the natural battery degradation, overheating and water damage scenarios may need iPhone battery replacement. 

If you have one of the newest iPhone innovations, you cannot help but replace the battery. Always choose an approved iPhone store to receive the best iPhone replacement parts.

Replacement Loudspeakers

We’ve seen a lot of iPhones with broken loudspeakers. There are several instances where an older version iPhone’s speaker fails to work, making phone calls and capturing audio difficult. 

After a few years of usage, your iPhone’s loudspeakers may fail, and you may be unable to hear anything even when your iPhone is not in quiet mode.

Many third-party iPhone repairers, like many iPhone repair shops, can quickly repair the broken loudspeaker or microphone. Even though you are unlikely to have coverage on your old iPhone, a third-party repair shop is your best option for fixing your iPhone’s loudspeaker.

Replacement Home Buttons

The Home Button is, without a doubt, the most frequently utilized button on an iPhone. In many circumstances, the user breaks the home button and cannot use it at all. 

After severe and long-term use, the home button may become unresponsive or damaged. As a result, it’s another popular iPhone repair. You can first visit a qualified expert to determine whether it indeed brokes and needs to replace. 

You could try to wipe the home button, but that’s a dangerous choice. Since the fingerprint sensor in newer iPhone models incorporates into the home button, you can use that feature if you break the home button.

There are several online methods for repairing the home button; however, we recommend you visit a skilled technician to fix the home button. Many Apple repair shops also repair the home button on their devices, while Apple repairers may rectify the problem of a malfunctioning home button.

Additional Information about iPhone Replacements Parts

There are a few points to bear when using third-party service providers for the iPhone. To begin, if it is your home button, you will no longer be able to use Touch ID after replacing it. 

Most third-party sellers won’t mind removing your iPhone’s touch sensor. Later, the home button is useful in returning to the home button.

If you choose an ear loudspeaker repair service, you may have to say goodbye to the Face ID feature, and Apple has placed the TrueDepth camera near the speakers. After the technician repairs the device, your iPhone X or later model may lose its Face ID capabilities.


If your iPhone brokes, there are options for fixing it and replacing the broken iPhone parts. Though it’s prudent to understand that, to some extent, you will have to sacrifice the phone’s features and general functioning.

You should only use the best and most trustworthy service provider regarding iPhone screen repair. RecycleTroop guarantees efficient and prompt service, exclusive door-step delivery, and many more.

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