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By: Liliana Andersson - February 08, 2022126 Views

If you want to run any business, marketing is one of the strong techniques to turn the tables around. Any company will require marketing to be successful. It can be quite tricky to promote a cell phone shop. People will come to the repair shop only when their cell phone isn’t working, or they want to buy a new one. A person in business needs to reach them to run a successful business. Marketing is one of the best promotional tools, which can make any business grow if used correctly. Marketing is a solution to all your business problems.  Marketing can help you boost your business and spread awareness via marketing strategies so that customers can turn towards you when their cell phone is not working. Your repair shop should come into their mind when they think of cell phones.

There are some ways which can be implemented to run a successful market of cell phones

  1. Execute the search engine optimization-
  2. Email marketing strategy
  3. take help of social media
  4. Offer them perks
  5. Leverage content marketing
  6. Offer extended warranty period
  1. Execute the search engine optimization-

SEO is used to set higher ranks or standards for your website on the google search results. However, local SEO can optimize your business for a higher ranking without having a website.

Below are the points that will guide you on how you can optimize your cell phone business website for SEO-

  • Keywords– these are important tools that are to be kept in mind when planning the strategy to promote business on the website. Use relevant keywords that your customers use, like uber suggest and google ads.
  • Check and post your content regularly on your website. Make sure you are posting fresh and up-to-date content. You can also update your existing web pages.
  • Customers should not find it difficult to navigate through your website. It should be easy enough and visible, and not complex to use. The bounce rates may increase if so is the case.
  • When considering the ranking factor, make sure that your website is Google-friendly and google friendly.
  • To attract an audience locally, make sure you give all the necessary details like working hours, location, and maps.
  • To make the website look more attractive, add snippets and customer reviews.

Below are the points for the business that don’t have a website. You can implement such matters to grow your business-

  • You to have a good business profile with accurate business details like the opening hours, the phone numbers, etc.
  • Be user-friendly, and encourage the customers to leave a review on google.
  • Include your business in local directories like yellow pages.
  • To boost your business, partnership with the NGOs, and even appear on social media as a cell phone repair start-up.
  • Email marketing strategy is what you need-

This is one of the cost-effective marketing strategies. If you do it correctly, you can earn up to $38 on email marketing by spending just $1.

You can collect the customer’s email address when they visit your shop via the website, and you can ask them via mail about their model and phones brand.

You can boost up sales in your repair shop by implementing the email strategies-

Offer them attractive discounts on your services. Or give them a specific discount on their model.

Add more and more offers and content that gives your business a spark, like quick fix the phone problems and enhancing battery life.

Make sure the wording of the mail is friendly and relevant to the purpose. Tell them about the latest accessory in your store. For instance, if a person is using android, then given them something related to their phone. This will help boost up the sales. And not as an iPhone user is getting updates via mail of android accessories. This will turn down the deals.

Usage of persuasive words may lead the customers to take some action. Some of the examples of compelling words are free, new, because, instant, etc.

  • Take the help of social media.

In 2020, there were more than 233 million social media in the USA. This number will increase to 245 million in 2025. People in business can use social media to build a connection with the customers, and also, with the help of social media, you can target a large audience. Social media provides you a platform where you can promote and share what you have got to offer.

Listed below are some ways which can help you increase your phone repair market-

It would be best to widen your network to have huge followers on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Give them value-added content and minute but necessary details.

Give your customers a chance to share their experience with you and let them know about the discount you’ll offer to visit the store.

Widen your network by joining other phone repair grows on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Offer them perks

Perks like pick up or delivery can promote your mobile business. This is a most underrated marketing strategy. People have limited time for getting their phone repaired, and this will help them to meet their preferences and also at the am time promote your business.

However, here the size of your business matters. If your size is small, you can go for free pickups and delivery to a certain distance from your shop.

  • Leverage content marketing-

Content is really important for any business to get boosted up. Your content should be informative, educational, relevant as Google loves fresh content. Post frequently, and it should not be time-consuming but short and effective. This will turn out to be the most effective way to promote a business online.

How you can get the best content-

Use the 80/20 technique- that is, your 80% content should be informative, and the rest 20% should be promotional.

Don’t forget to add keywords, as google also checks and accordingly sets the higher standards for ranking searches.

Keep in mind that the content is scannable, and there are chances that you can add later if you want to.

Make sure your content is clear and understandable to the targeted audience so that they have a reason to visit your website regularly.

  • Offer extended warranty period-

The growth of the business also depends on how it is towards the offerings and the services. Give your customers an extended warranty on your services on accessories. Offer them an extended warranty so when the customer purchases accessories from the injured gadget, they are provided with an extended warranty. This will establish a relationship with the customers and also increase your chances of sales. You can also offer them premium as you offer them an extended warranty on your accessories on your services.


Marketing, whether online or offline, is one of the most considerable aspects of any business. Marketing provides you strategies to promote your business. Pick and follow these marketing strategies that will help your mobile business to grow.

Liliana Andersson

Liliana Andersson is the founder and CEO of RecycleTroop, a one stop supply chain solution for mobile repair businesses in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our services include the recycling of broken broken screens, spare parts, sale of used phones and accessories. Recycletroop is proud to serve clients globally. Liliana enjoys providing her customers with a much-needed service for cell phone related problems. Apart from that, she enjoys traveling, surfing and spending time with family.