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Recycletroop International is a one-stop-service provider for big and small repair shops around Europe. We offer a range of services from a buy-back system for broken screens to sales of new phone parts and screens to sales of high quality refurbished phones.

You are always welcome to visit us in our office in Gothenburg, Sweden or contact us via email or phone for more information about our services

Broken Screen Buyback

Easy and reliable buy-back process for iPhone, Samsung and other broken mobile screen.

Spare Parts

As a supplier of spare parts we understand how important it is to provide only the highest quality products, at the lowest prices possible.

Refurbished Phones

We are the fasted growing marketplace for refurbished products

Advanced Repair Services

We do advanced repairs on the phone’s motherboard which requires special tools in order to repair, for example micro-soldering under the microscope.

Industry Knowledge

We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and will always keep you updated on market news.

LCD Screen Refurbishing

A service to replace the glass of cracked phone screen left after repair, which allows the screens to be reused again while saving a costs and keeping the Original Quality.

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