Return Policy


At RecycleTroop, our objective is to make returns straightforward and efficient. You can manage your returns easily by logging into your account, initiating a return, and sending us the item. While our online system aids in faster processing, offline returns might face slight delays.

Warranty Periods

  • Lifetime Warranty: Offered to consistent clients with monthly orders.
  • 60-day Warranty: For clients who no longer order with the same frequency or new customers. This warranty allows for refunds, exchanges, or store credits.

Return Eligibility

Items purchased within the last 60 days are returnable except for certain exclusions mentioned below. Products purchased over 60 days ago will be credited at the current sale price or the purchase price, whichever is lower. Items no longer stocked by RecycleTroop are ineligible for returns if bought over 60 days ago.

Specific Product Clauses

  • Service Packs: Returnable only if they’re redundant or ordered mistakenly.
  • Small Tools & Accessories: No returns post 60 days. Within 60 days, only store credits or exchanges are available for defective items.
  • Defective Batteries: Covered for 1 year. For safety, don’t return defective batteries; instead, list them and send a photo.
  • Smart Home Hardware: Not returnable. Warranties are manufacturer-specific.
  • Laser Machines: Various warranty periods and conditions apply based on the type.
  • Devices: Covered under a 60-day warranty, excluding damages from misuse.

Fees and Charges

  • No Restocking Fee: For items ordered within 90 days, given they’re in original, undamaged condition.
  • Return Shipping Labels: Provided for defective items. A minimal fee applies otherwise.
  • RMA Insurance: Offered for added security during shipment returns.
  • Rejected Items: Any returned items not belonging to RecycleTroop will incur a fee unless specified otherwise.
  • Store Credit Transfers: Subject to a 15% service fee.

Proper Identification

Items returned without proper identification will face delays. Ensure to label your returns accurately.

Warranty Void

Tampering with our product labels will nullify the warranty.

Damaged Items

Should be reported promptly upon receipt for swift resolution.

To initiate any returns or address discrepancies, please contact our dedicated team at [email protected].