2UUL Magnetic Screw Pad 140*35*2mm

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2UUL Magnetic Screw Pad 140*35*2mm

Key Features

Efficient Organization: The 21 Grid Plastic Storage Box (Small) offers efficient organization with 21 individual compartments, allowing you to neatly store and separate small items.

Versatile Storage: Suitable for a wide range of small items such as jewelry, beads, buttons, screws, nails, and other tiny accessories.

Clear Design: The transparent plastic design of the storage box allows you to easily see the contents of each compartment without opening it.

Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy plastic material, the storage box is designed to withstand everyday use while keeping your items safe.

Secure Closure: The box is equipped with a secure closure mechanism to keep your items from spilling or mixing, providing peace of mind during storage and transport.


Type: 21 Grid Plastic Storage Box (Small)

Compartments: 21 individual compartments

Material: Durable plastic construction

Transparency: Clear design for easy content visibility

Closure: Secure closure mechanism

Versatility: Suitable for various small items

2UUL Magnetic Screw Pad 140*35*2mm

2UUL Magnetic Screw Pad 140*35*2mm

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